Villas are built to house a single family, rather than multiple families like a condo. They are often part of gated communities with similar-style homes. They also have the same maintenance and insurance requirements as a townhome or house. An apartment is a rented residential unit that is part of one or several buildings. There is typically one owner or a management company running the units.

  • Buyers looking for the best villas in town may have to shell extra money as compared to what is required to buy duplex house or a flat in the same area.
  • The owner of a bungalow sees any responsibility, repair, and maintenance, while the villa owner can run every responsibility through the community.
  • They have two floors, with steep roofs and large chimneys to help withstand the bitter winters.
  • Now, from types of apartment, moving on to those properties that offer certain degree of independence – and, the first in the series is a villa.
  • If you are wondering what is apartment, then it is nothing but the American synonym of flat.

It has a better value and can be easily given out for rental purposes. If you are looking to buy your first home and do not want to spend so much, you should consider buying a bungalow. This is because of the luxurious facilities that are installed in the house. They are difficult to rent if you plan on renting, and they are primarily available in suburban areas. So if you do not like living in this area, you need to find another home.

Villa vs House: Neighbors

Villas in Kolkata usually have a Roman Empire design and are meant for complete privacy. Villas come in both ways – you can go for a two-storey or one, entirely the owner’s choice. These properties have a garden, and you can gain access to specific private amenities such as a gym, a swimming pool, etc. HousingMan enlists the properties from credible and verified builders only, so you can be rest assured of the clear title and necessary approvals to be in place. A Villa usually has a high cost per square foot of property when compared to a Bungalow which can be attributed to their larger size and more complex structures. Villas have many more windows and balconies compared to bungalows.

It may not be a sure thing when it comes to independent houses. These three different types of houses mostly confuse a lot of people. Many a times you will find people referring to a mansion as a bungalow and vice versa. Many also may refer to a villa as a mansion or normal well built house. Today I will get you the difference between a bungalow, a villa and a mansion. Villa is a standalone house that comes with a yard or veranda.

Depending upon the requirement, any area of the house can be remodeled to serve a purpose. A bungalow is built on a vast stretch of land; its sq ft area is larger than all other residential units explained in above sections. ’ Well, the answer to this question is – ‘A Duplex House’ is a residential unit for a single family built in two floors, but with single kitchen and dining area.

But, if an elegant and luxury property is your dream pick, choose Bungalows in Kolkata. Ranch – This type of home has one story, with a simple floor plan, attached garage, and large living spaces. A patio home features an attached, one-story structure, with at least one shared wall. They may also be called cluster homes, garden homes, garden villas, courtyard homes, cottages, or club homes. Real estate jargons always confuse a common man and put his/her knowledge into the test. But this is not just limited to the terms and taglines but also the major differences between a bungalow, villa, duplex, and flat.

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You can also call duplexes twin houses, double houses, or pair houses, while you can call a bungalow a single house, ranch, or split level. In the ultra-luxury segment, there are broadly three property types – bungalows, villas, and row houses. While there are several similarities, it is also imperative to know the difference between these to make a cognitive decision. A villa may or may not have multiple floors; it is up to the desire of the villa owner to add to the floor.

Villa Illustrations

As far as investing in property is concerned, sky is the limit. It is advisable to pick the property solely on the basis of the budget and availability of loan. Don’t worry, all these age-old confusions are going to melt away after you go through the following blog from HousingMan. But, for better buying decisions, let’s start with the most affordable house styles and move up to the most luxurious ones. These are usually found in warm countries close to the sea or mountains where it’s nice to go for holidays.

  • Since duplexes have rooms on the second floor, it is safe to say that your family has more privacy in situations where you have a visitor.
  • Whereas when we talk about Independent houses, this might not be a sure shot guarantee.
  • You can also visit our site and see our projects the existing one and also the completed one.
  • But understanding the basic jargon of real estate becomes the need of the hour if you are working on buying any property.

Typical mansion entertainment facilities, leisure space, lavish grounds, superlative building materials and finishes. Bungalows are most often one-story houses, although they often include an additional half story, usually with a sloped roof. Besides, they also afford more privacy than most traditional homes. As much as duplexes are comfortable living, their maintenance costs are very expensive.

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For instance, a flat given to an employee to reside during the work period could also be called as the apartment. We cannot deny that the house is our ultimate comfort zone, irrespective of its size. But to help you make a better buying decision, let us take you on the tour of different house styles.

In more elaborate designs, the roof may be hipped or multi-gabled . The word “bungalow” originated from the Bengal region of South Asia and symbolized high status. A low house having only one storey or, in some cases, upper rooms set in the roof, typically with dormer windows. A thatched or tiled house or cottage, of a single story, usually surrounded by a veranda. Villa houses offer luxury; it has all the things needed in life with all the comfort. On the other hand, for an independent house, you will have to apply for a personal loan which will take time because of all the scrutiny that will be processed by the bank.

difference between bungalow and villa

The people that live there are called ‘villa owners’ or just owners. Villas are larger than bungalows and have more bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. If you want to buy a villa it can cost many millions of pounds because they are very expensive houses to build, decorate and maintain. Duplex lf in accounting flat is the residential unit for a single family with single kitchen and living room but at the multi-stores. Duplex has got more floors but is smaller than the villa in terms of area. Villas and independent houses are stand-alone buildings that offer a comfortable and ample living space.

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For individual houses that are more exposed and open to vandalism or robbery, this is not the case. Very few single house owners, since it can be pricey, go through the bother of hiring protection for themselves. In some urban locations artificial lighting is needed even during the day. Although natural light and ventilation are equally important in cities, they are luxury elements. They come from every direction of a hilly home and make the habitat liveable. For those with deep pockets and in the market to buy a property, the choice extends beyond bungalows.

Key Difference 6: Floor Area Ratio

Considering that Portugal and Dubai are surrounded by water bodies, these villas are usually located along water bodies. In Lonavala, the starting price of a villa is about Rs 2 crore. Such houses are fully equipped with modern facilities, and are air-conditioned. They are very popular with families with children, couples, senior couples and groups of close friends who prefer a quiet, relaxing and comfortable vacation.